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Atrazine: Tyrone Hayes and Frogs

Atrazine: Tyrone Hayes and Frogs

Dr. Tyrone Hayes, on the faculty of the University of California, Berkeley, claims that atrazine — even in extremely small amounts — sterilizes and feminizes male frogs.

He concludes that similar effects work on higher vertebrates — including humans, implicating atrazine in causing cancer in humans.

  • Being able to replicate the results of research is called “reproducibility” — it is the gold standard of science.
  • But EPA mandated and audited studies in Germany and the U.S. could not replicate Hayes' results.
  • Yale University ecology professor Dr. David Skelly, whose studies found frog abnormalities prevalent in city and suburban ponds, but not in rural, agricultural areas, participated in two EPA panels that reviewed the results of atrazine studies. Dr. Skelly told the press that he is not aware of anyone who has been able to replicate Hayes' results.

Furthermore, Dr. Hayes will not share the complete data from his experiments, even with EPA. After all these years, one can legitimately wonder why he won't make his data public.